Technical infrastructure of the rental areas

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Approximately another 2,000 sq m of user-specific, divisible usable area are currently being planned and prepared for tendering*. This additional space will be available as of 2018. You can follow the progress of the project in our gallery.

The technical infrastructure includes:

  • lab wastewater
  • service water
  • safety shower
  • lab cooling water (0.8 m³/h, 16°C/20°C)
  • outgoing air technological waste heat/pollutants
  • outgoing air solvent cabinets
  • outgoing air safety gas cabinets
  • outgoing air process exhaust air
  • supply air (preheated or precooled)
  • recirculation coolers (room conditioning)
  • compressed air connection (per utilization unit 1,200 l/min)
  • high-purity gas from the central gas supply station in the basement
  • ESD-flooring
  • outgoing air central gas supply station
  • neutralization plant lab waste water
  • heat exchanger lab cooling water
  • extended heating distributor for ventilation system
  • aeration and ventilation of inside-lying rooms/utility rooms
  • electric supply including three-phase current supply
  • data cabling / telephone cabling including connection to the in-house junction box
  • ultra-fast Internet (100 Mbits up / down)
  • door intercom system

* This project is supported by the Free State of Saxony with a subsidy granted from the funds of the Joint Task “Improvement of the regional economic structure“.